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This Week at Kinder Outdoors

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GIFT IDEA: Outdoor Camps for Kids

You won't have a problem finding this gift in the store...EVERY child would love a week in the summer at an Outdoor Texas Camps.

They can learning fishing, archery, shooting, survival skills, outdoor skills and MORE!

Gather 'round the campfire as Billy and Peter Velasco, Founder discuss this incredible gift AND SCHOLARSHIPS FOR GIRLS...


Hunting the High Country

Hunting the High Country

Many hunters dream of one day going on a "pack in hunt." Author, Kenneth Kirkeby, tells his story.

Gather 'round the campfire as Billy and Kenneth, author of Red Stick One, Red Stick Two, and The Tournament, discuss his bucket list hunt in the Salmon River Wilderness of Idaho.

TUNE IN to our KO Dec 4th Show...